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Should I Buy My Kid(s) A Drone?


A Simple Helpful Everything You Need To Know Guide For Buying and Owning A Drone 2020.

For Kids Of All Ages ?

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About The Book

I put this guide together for you because I remembered when I started looking for a Drone I was trying to educate myself about the hobby. I found there a firehouse of information on the web.  Most of it was useless.

There are lots of articles, filled with tech specs that meant absolutely nothing and links that led to products that were outdated, they didn’t sell anymore, or went nowhere at all.

So, I decided to put together a website ( and this eBook. It’s dedicated to Newbies, to use as a reference, or a go-to guide,  to answer most of the major questions you’ll have when you’re just starting.

It’s a simple, helpful, non-technical guide. It’s not a learn to fly book. It’s a learn to buy book PLUS, everything associated with getting started in this fantastic Hobby. 

​I hope you find it helpful.

What’s inside


Chapter 1

Should I Buy My Kid A Drone?


Chapter 2

How To Choose The Right Drone To Buy


Chapter 3

Are Drones Safe To Own?


Chapter 4

How Much Does It Cost To Buy And Own A Drone


Chapter 7

Do I Need A Licence To Fly A Drone?


Chapter 8

Where Can I Fly My Drone Legally? 


Chapter 12

Top 22 New Drone Pilot Mistakes!!


And Much More...

Everything you need to know about buying and owning a Drone. 

Chapter 1

My Kids Want A Drone! 

A lot of parents, myself included, were a little cautious about buying a drone for our kids. There are many things to consider. Hopefully, I can pass on some simple and helpful tips and suggestions for you. This article focuses on beginners, just getting into the Hobby

Should I buy a Drone For My kid?  The answer depends on your child’s age. Do you have a youngster under 10 or do you have a teenager? For younger kids, the interest may last a week.  In the case of a Teenager, their interest maybe a career in Aviation, or selfies.

Let’s have a look at what to consider

Some Questions To Ask Yourself First

There are a few items to consider first. Here is a short list to think about. Of course, this will depend on the age of your kid(s)

  1. Age of your Child
  2. Legal Age to Fly
  3. Safety.
  4. Learning to Fly
  5. Cost
  6. Features To Consider

How old do you have to be to fly a drone?

Most Drone manufacturers post a warning on their product packaging suggesting you must be 14+ to fly a drone. In the USA if your drone is over 0.55 pounds you must be 13 yrs of age to register. The fee is $5 For Parents, it’s a judgment call as to whether your child is mature enough to handle a Drone. Reviewing full details from the FAA website is helpful. Check out the FAA Start Here page​. In Canada Check The Transport Canada Website

Will I need a license to fly a drone
To be clear, I am not a total expert on this topic. There is so much information to sift through, it can be confusing.  But bottom line; if your Drone weighs under 0.55 lbs in the USA, you do not need to register it.

There are no age restrictions other than knowing your kids’ ability and common sense. Most Parents see when the time is right to buy their kid their first Drone You should review the FAA website for all the details, especially if your Drone is over 0.55lbs.



This eBook has been designed to be an easy read. Its a collection of the most popular articles from our website 

The book has information with links to resources on the web to help you find everything you need to make a solid choice when you purchase your Drone.

Whether you are just starting out or you have a little experience and are about to upgrade. this book along with our website will make it easier for you. You’ll avoid some of the many mistakes I made.

$2 Bucks

I new nothing about Drones. This book really guided me to get started with the right Quad

Joe G. Ontario Canada

I am a beginner at this hobby but this book turned into my checklist of to dos to get me started off safely and I saved money!!

Dave E Idaho USA

My Kids wanted a Drone for Christmas. This was the perfect book. It also helped us when we went on vaction with tips for travel

Abby M California, USA

About the author.

Welcome!  I’m Dave Adams, most people call me Buzz.  I’ve been flying recreational Drones, with my family, for many years now. I own or have owned about 5 Quads, from a basic beginner right up to my faves the Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro, both with a 4K camera. 

Throughout this eBook, I pass along some of my best tips and tricks to make sure you avoid the MANY mistakes I made.

My hope is it helps you to pick a good quality Drone, for both you or your kids. I’ll pass along a lot of safety tips, flying tips, how to care for and travel with your Drone.

If you’re looking for Simple Helpful Advice, all about Buying and Flying Drones you’ve come to the right place. 

Buzz Adams

$2 Bucks